The Wengers and the Mourinhos

There are two kinds of people in this world,

the Wengers and the Mourinhos.

Those that believe in passion,

and those that see reasons not to do so-the pragmatists.

Those that think within the box,

and those whose thoughts you cannot place a lid over

out-of-the-box thinkers I call them-the dysfunctionals

Those who are straight arrows,

and those who are arrows too,but are bendable

as situation demands.

Those who are driven by a rigid set of laid down principles

that they label philosophies and are governed by them to the letter,

and those who like Atletico Madrid,take and live every day

as though it were their last,-everyday’s their final

Those who live in the pages of novels and fairytales-fiction that is

and those who boldly live in the realities of the now.

Those who have become so comfortable where they are

and are scared of taking risks to get to a level higher,

and those who have their goals as clear as glass and will

put their all in to achieve it.

The next thing you would expect I’d say is

that you be a Mourinho,but emm…,no…

I won’t say that because

as the saying goes;variety is the spice of life,

its all about balancing things up.

having a healthy dose of both sides that would suit you appropriately.

Sometimes,allow you dream and build castles in the air,

and sometime,face reality,put your nose to the grind stone and

give your floating castles a rock to stand upon.

Sometimes think outside the box,be outlandish and totally dysfunctional

mindlessly take risks,be abnormal,

and sometimes think within the confines of the box,play it safe,follow the rules-the conventional,the norms.

Sometimes be self critical and think things through so you won’t repeat ‘goofs’ you’ve made in the past

and sometimes turn a blind eye to your weaknesses and shortcomings and keep pursuing your dream

Be you Mourinho,you could WENGERlise your mind

or a Wenger,MOURINHOfy your mind

Yes you can my friends,you should and you must!

only change is constant.

So know and understand the peculiarities of both these people,

indulge them and make your life better



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