After Real Madrid reiterated the fact that they were the best there is in the world(at least for now until they relinquish their title come may 2015),something noteworthy happened and it involved our dear Christiano Ronaldo.Although this time,it did not involve scoring a superb goal and running to the fans to do his peculiar celebration.

When the winners medals were doled out to the Madrid entourage,it appeared that Ronaldo passed up the chance to shake hands with Michel Platini for reasons best known to him.But I sure do hope the snub was not as a result of Michel Platini airing his opinion on who he feels should be the best player in the world.Mere thinking about it makes me pissed(as in for why na?!).When did having your opinion become a crime?

The nominees for the 2014 ballon d’or is stale news.The usual suspects and an august visitor.Each of these players have great year in their own right.They’ve had their pits and their peaks.

Ronaldo won the La decima and the copa del rey with Real Madrid and has racked up an incredible amount of goals(which is quite unreal I must say) and broke record yet he had a dismal world cup by every standard.

Messi went trophyless with Barcelona but scored a lot of goals also,broke records and had an incredible world cup and emerged as the tournament’s best player.

Manuel Neuer won the bundesliga and won the World cup and is heads and shoulders above every other goal keeper here is presently.Scoring him literally has become an event that almost never occurs.Yet he and his club team mates bowed out of the champions league that they were clear favorites to win in embarrassing fashion.

By every standard these three are deserved winners(sentiments aside).It all boils down to the votes.Who a person votes for is down to his opinion and his bias.So big thumbs down to Madrid and Ronaldo especially for taking it out on Platini for sharing his opinion.No matter how much they bore my ears with talks about statistics and trophies it all still boils down to who likes you which in turn leads to who votes for you.

Bottom line is everyone is entitled to their opinion.They shouldn’t be shot in the leg anytime they air their views.The nominees should just hope that the pendulum of the vote swings in their favour.There can only be one winner.So let all the fussing,malice and snubbing stop because the Ballon d’or  is nobody’s birthright!!!

fussing,malice and snubbing stop because the Ballon d’or   is nobody’s birthright!!!



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