You can’t change the world but YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD

I recently was watching The MTN Project Fame Season 8’s auditions and sandwiched between two female judges(whose names I don’t know)was the award winning producer,songwriter and musician.The uber talented COBHAMS ASUQUO.
The Asa’s fire on the mountain Cobhams,the timi dakolo’s iyawo mi Cobham’s.There is hardly any record he has worked on that doesn’t ooze quality.In short,Cobhams has the midas touch.
Cobhams has been visually impaired since birth.He has not had the opportunity to use both his eyes to behold God handiwork in nature.This situation could easily frustrate anybody into the mediocrity,begging and even suicide in worst case scenarios.Blindness did not stop Cobhams from dreaming and pursuing his dreams.It has not all been easy for him but at the end,he has made the impossible possible.He dines and wines among the elite in the music industry both in Nigeria and abroad.Armed with a dream and with hardwork,he has created a reality that nobody before now would have envisaged possible.He simply did not let his blindness(something he could not control) to determine how he lived,thought or how high he dreamed.
There are lot of things in our life that we have no control over,like our nationality,our skin colour,our height,the number of hours in a day,how many months in a year,the CEO of your organisation,your parents and a whole lot of other things.
If your attitude to life is dependent on these variables,you are most definitely on a downward spiral of ultimate pain,regret constant complaints and unending failures.
You have control over your mind,what you think about,what you feed your mind on,how you behave,your work ethic,how you speak,your relationship with others,what you invest your time in and so on.These are what you can control and they are what would eventually lead to your achieving success.So start staying in control of these things rather than wasting precious time bickering and complaining about things that you can’t control.
YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE WORLD BY  by trying to alter the inevitable,they will always happen.But you CAN CHANGE THE WORLD in your own way bit by bit by taking responsibility of the things you can change and do the right things.


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