The Leicester City fairytale aka are they special or just lucky?

The Barclays premier league has been touted as the most competitive league in the world for obvious reasons,compared to other leagues in the world,every and any team in England is capable of beating any team albeit on a good day.While other leagues have a top two or three or worse still no tussle*side eyes Bayern munich* for the league title,it is a crowded affair in England.It is sometimes a top 4,5 or 6 struggle in various instances.

All these being said, in recent years there have always been regular suspects for those that emerge champions.Chelsea,Arsenal,Liverpool,Manchester City and Manchester United have exchanged the title among themselves like relay racers exchanging batons.

Rewind say 6-7 months ago and tell me that at this time of the season,Leicester city would be sitting comfortablely on top of the premier league log,most likely I may even slap you for being overly ludicrous.I know at times davids defeats goliaths from time to time but in this scenario it seemed an utterly impossible feat.I mean what are the odds that team that struggled to stay afloat in the league last season emerging as strong title contenders.

Wow has been the word to describe Leicester city’s fairy tale this season.They have blown the expectations of every and any one by pulling off strings of consistent and fantastic displays,exhibiting finesse,tact and guile and sheer grit and also boasting of arguably two of the best players in the league this season;Jamie Vardy and Riyad Marhez no less.

Are they truly something special?

First and foremost the idea of “specialness” is one that I choose to see through a different set of eyes.Growing up we were hardwired to believe that some people are just better than some.That some people were created on Sunday while God rested with a 3d animation soft ware while some were created while God was creating the mountains and rocks with corel draw 2.Since lagbaja always came fisrt in his class,could answer all questions right,always won debates and quiz competitions,then he was a special child with a bright future ahead of him.He was a special child abi?

Is any one really born special?With special abilities like super heroes torn from the pages of   a marvel comic?.

The good book says ‘that there is variableness nor shadow of turning with God’.God is not a man and is not one to create humans into cadres of good,very good,amazing,manageable,ok and so on. So saying that some people are special is trying to say that God is partial which is wrong on so many level.We are pretty much created equally albeit into into either favourable or unfavourable circumstances.Moreso,ascribing a persons achievement to him being special is in a way undermining the amount of hardwork,sweat and consistent practice the person puts into achieving what he has achieved albeit with circumstances favouring him.

Leicester city to me is not special at all(don’t get me wrong here o).They are probably doing what they have been doing even in times when they were wallowing in relegation waters.Although this time, they are doing it with more confidence,more purpose,more togetherness and crazy amounts of practice combined with a favourable situation where all the big guns are on shaky legs.

Are they just lucky?

This is the default response most of the time by people to the ‘unprecedented ’success of people who they have written off in their high minds of judgement.Serena Williams, the uber talented female tennis player said something really profound ‘success is when opportunity meets preparation’.Luck is a word that the lazy use as excuse to cushion their laziness and failures when they see the hardworking excel.Life is guided by principles that do not change,they are constant and cannot be negotiated.You sow,you reap.shikena!.So using the word luck in this scenario is flawed in its essence.

So how are they lucky if they are reaping the fruits of the labour they have put in,How are they lucky if they have turned their disadvantage of being outsiders and underdogs to an advantage by working extra hard to usurp the big guns.

Leicester City are pleading a very great case that they deserve to be champions as much as any big team.Their perfomances since august prove it.I feel they should be respected as such and they could also be a source of a very salient and important lesson:you do not have to be special or lucky to defy the odds and bring down your goliath.







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