KIND WORDS HEAL aka ‘the murder weapon is on your face’

When i was younger,one of the stories from the bible that always left me in sixes and sevens,more confused than ever was the story of the fig tree that Jesus literally spoke to and a day after the tree withered away.How could the lips of someone just pronounce a few words and a tree that is on its own just die like that?what are the odds?

Eden Hazard,the prodigy from Lille had an amazing career trajectory and has once been dubbed the ‘right footed Messi’.Last season,he was unplayable.goals,assists,deft touches and flashes of footballing genius dripped from this young man whenever he stepped on the pitch.Little wonder,he was the premier league best player last season.The same Eden Hazard this season has not recorded a premier league goal since august,his influence has waned as well as his appearances.A player that Chelsea could not play without now just settles for second half cameos.He is now a shadow of himself.what are the odds?

Paul Labille Pogba is like the Ronaldo of world football under 25(in a world where Neymar is Messi)presently.Any club would die to just have him on loan.His price tag today is longer than third mainland bridge in Lagos.Asides the hype,he is an amazing footballer.He is what I call the complete midfielder and is literally cut from the same fabric as Patrick Viera.Him being part of the 2015 world eleven is testament to how good he is and how far he has gone.This same player say 3-4 years ago struggled to make it to the bench of Manchester United talk less of coming on as a substitute.He was sold to,scratch that,’offloaded’ to Juventus on a free transfer.Talk about selling your most prized asset for free.What are the odds?

John Mikel Obi has worked for more coaches than the very seats the coaches sit on(did you just see what I did?) and has been insulted and overly criticized by majority of his being comfortable that he doesn’t get to play most of the time.Last season he literally had a seat belt onto his seat behind Mourinho.He only came on 89 minutes on the clock(Chelsea vs Man U anybody?) or in dead rubber matches that didn’t matter.This same Mikel is a midfield dynamo for Guus Hiddink this season.Chelsea have gone unbeated whenever Mikel has played for Chelsea under Hiddink.Chelsea ran Newcastle riot last weekend,yet Mikel without a goal or assist was among the stand out performers.What are odds?

What is the difference between the Eden Hazard of Last season and the Eden Hazard this season?What is the difference between the Paul Pogba of Manchester United and the Paul Pogba of Juventus?What is the difference between Mikel under Mourinho last year and the Mikel under Guus Hiddink this season?

As I grew,I started understanding the power words have on us as human beings.The bible aptly captures my thoughts in proverbs 15:4;’kind words are like a tree of life but lying words will crush a man’s spirit’.Words are double edged.A very strong weapon.Words build,words break down.words discourage,words instill confidence.Words are a powerful tool for good if used positively and words can wreck havoc when used negatively.

The Eden Hazard of last season bar talent,skill set and work ethic,was brimming with confidence.Confidence that came from the support he had from his coach,teammates,fans and the press.He had their trust.All he heard was how good he was,how useful he was and how he could improve to be a better player.Eden Hazard this season lacked this and his football has nosedived drastically.

Paul Pogba of Manchester united lacked the confidence and trust of his coach.His coach either with the words he said or his attitude towards him poked holes in the young man’s confidence and as a result,he couldn’t play to his full capacity.All these he found and got in juventus in trailer loads and the bottled genius in him was unleashed.

Mikel under Mourinho was seen as no more than the player that is chosen behind Matic,Fabregas and Ramires.He lacked the manager’s trust and support.This caused him to be overly cautious when he played.How well can a person play when you are too concerned with how you play than playing itself?little compared to what you are capable of.Guus Hiddink believes greatly in Mikel and shows him his full support.This has shown in recent matches by the swashbuckling performances that Mikel has churned out.

We all posses the power to kill and destroy as well as the power to build and give life in our mouths.Every day seek to use your mouth for good,to support,to assist,to encourage,to teach,to correct,to inspire confidence in the lives of others.

You can’t tell how many fig trees have died from negative words you have used.What are the odds?



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