WHAT IF HE MISSED? aka ‘A second shy from your burial or not!’

Goliath was a man on a mission.On a mission to kill anything or anyone that crossed his path.He was capable of,scratch that,overcapable of achieving his mission.He was everything on steroids-confidence,strength,combat experience,size,weapons and any other criteria you can conjure in your mind.How could he lose?No way in hell!
David was the flip of this ‘philistine extraterrrestial’.The only quality they shared was their mission- a mission to kill anyone or anything that crossed his path.
In the heat of battle,victory for either the philistines or the Israelites was down to the face off between David and Goliath.
How unfair?David was no match for his opponent.The odds were stacked highly against him.No thanks to the Israeli soldiers who were a sorry combo of ‘no balls’ and ‘no eyes’.Their fear blinded their sense of judgement that they were ready to throw a mere teenager into the heat of battle.Soldiers my foot!
The battle was on.David vs Goliath.a sword,a spears,an arrow vs a sling and five stones.
David had only one opportunity to down his opponent.a split second literally.His only shot at winning was for him to draw first blood and kill goliath with a single shot.A millisecond second after that opportunity and David is toast!
He can’t afford to be profligate or leave things to chance.Death doesn’t share IV’s does it?
He can’t afford to not shoot accurately.He had one and only one window to win.a millisecond to hurl his sling at Goliath with every ounce of energy in him coupled with pin point accuracy.
We all know how this story goes,I can’t bore with what you already know and by the way,I want this to be a brief piece.350 words max.
One question that I have never asked about this story popped up in my mind after watching the Arsenal vs Barcelona game on Tuesday night.
What if David missed the shot that killed Goliath?sorry two questions,Would he have gotten another chance to reload his sling?
I doubt it.
There are some battles that we face that we are unequally matched with our opposition.Every and any thing around points to why we would lose.We at these times do not stand but a chance.
To emerge victorious,we’ve got to utilise our only chance with all precision,sweat,blood and tact because we may never get another chance to reload our sling.
A lesson that Arsene Wenger has just decided to not just learn.
Had David missed his only shot at Goliath,aswear ‘him burial rice for pure die’.
Had arsenal not left their triggers in the dressing room,would they have beaten Barca or not?
Probably? Most definitely?

Word count:435(brief ko,briefcase ni*smiles*)


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