Are you a tailor? aka ma bini jamb question!

In a recent chat with a colleague in school,the question popped again,the question that has become ubiquitous in my life(since i decided to pursue a career as a fashion designer),’are you a tailor?’
Back to my colleague from school,Ola(let’s call him that) was suprisingly suprised when i told him the main reason i went  home for the easter break was to produce some trousers.In his mind,’why would fabian,that goes around saying he is a womenswear designer and is studying in a university stoop so low to become a so im like sufferness?’*smiles*.
I have been baraged countless times with this question from family,friends,colleagues by this somewhat reasonable yet unnecessarily unreasonable question.In those instances i have made a fool out of myself trying to explain to them how designers differ from tailors.what a waste of my time!

    Back to Ola.My reply to Ola this time was different.(i guess i had outgrown my foolishness*grins*) I simple answered him with a sharp yes.”I am a tailor” i continued,”sewing is part of my skill set as a fashion designer,the same way fashion illustration,pattern drafting and every other design nous i posses or i am in the process of learning”.He didn’t say anything,he probably still pitied me studying in school for five years to become a tailor.But i could care less,that’s his cup of coffee.I have finally outgrown my foolishness.

     For reasons too numerous to mention tailoring alongside some other vocations  or skills  have been forced to the backburner of society in people’s heads.Tailoring is synonymous with low income,mediocrity,abject poverty or iya taju that sews in her little cubicle store in your street.It is better to become a doctor,a lawyer,a pharmacist,an engineer and so on.
What they fail to notice is that there are still poor,low income,mediocre iya taju’s in these

proper’ jobs.How well a person wields his influence on society and makes money from his job,craft,skill,vocation is down to the individual’s passion,drive,skill,consistency,positioning et al and not the myopic biased opinions of some people that just don’t get it!And before you tell me that there are some jobs that are more high paying than others,lemmi answer you.Yes you may be right but you’d also agree with me that these people pay  through their noses to get their hair made or cut,to wear the clothes of some indegenous designers or to have their events planned.The earning capacity  of people is a matter of perspective.

    These days i have seen artists,writers,fashion designers,comedians,event planners,photographers,models,artistes,thespians,jewellers,stylists,bloggers and countless shades of entrepreneurs make a great living out of doing stuff they love.So before you go around asking people jamb questions,bros think twice!


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