So what if i fail?

As a textile designer/fashion design tenderfoot,apart from the ‘manual’-and by manual i mean sewing,cutting patterns,sketching,painting,weaving,knitting,adire,batik and so on-work that i engage in,there is a lot of work i do  that requires the use of CAD softwares.Big thanks to the age we are in,it is more than necessary that i have a good hang of a good number of these softwares,adobe illustrator,photoshop,corel draw,marvellous designer no less.
To remain relevant these days as a creative in my industry,one has to really find that healthy balance between his craft and technology and how best to maximise technology to enhance his craft.Bottom line reality,i have to know how to use these software else OYO is my case.
One would expect that this reality is more than enough adrenaline shot up through my veins to practice,practice and practice on my usage of these softwares.Truthully and ironically,it doesn’t!It even kinda compounds issues.
Why?because i am afraid of failing at it.
I am afraid of not meeting with the expectation of people around me.
I am afraid that i don’t have the creative ‘okpolo’ to meet up with the standards of other designers at home and abroad.
I am afraid that i’ll fail at it because it is kinda too ‘late’ for me to start learning these softwares.
Sincere truths that go on in my head,these excuses.Regardless how valid they may be,they are still just excuses.
So what if i fail at it?
So what?
Fear exists and i daresay it will inhumane not to feel fear.Fear may hold my hands but it doesn’t cuff them.
I choose to have courage in the midst of my fears.I choose to keep trying and never stay down though i may fall,i choose to conquer my fears by simply doing because when push comes to shove,differentiation in life comes to those who do.
So what if i fail.i’ll just keep doing!!!


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