What are you pouring yourself into? aka who ball epp?

Yesterday i played what i would arguably tag as my last(lemmi nor lie,one of my last) football matches.Wow!!!i never thought that i will get to the point where i’d be saying this.Boys have truly grown.No more time for ‘shereshere’ again*winks*
I digress
During the match yesterday,i sustained a serious injury,the type that made me appreciate having two fit legs.All i got after sustaining the injuries were a series of ‘eeyas’ garnished with ‘sorrys’ and ‘kpeles’.Talk about recipes i hate!!!
After the game,i had to jejely limp my way back home with one and a half leg and cry my eyes out(literally of course,did u expect i’d cry for just massage?) when it was massaged by a friend in my area.This morning was worse,i coudn’t place my feet on the floor without lifting both my hands akimbo and squint my face like someone who just got slapped by ‘ijebu’ garri.I was held by 3 adult men and my swollen feet was put through hell.The rest they say is history.I am better now sha*smiles*
Put Neymar,Messi or any other pro player in my shoes whose JOB was actually football.They would have been stretchered out of the pitch and taken to a hospital where they will be treated with utmost care.No matter how long they spend on the sidelines,they would be paid for it.It’s their JOB!!!
I am hanging my boots not because i no longer love football,or is less passionate about football,by no means.Its just that i can no longer pour myself into football 100% again because i have no plans on becoming a pro footballer simple!
I will only pour myself into my future shikena! because for what its worth,WHO BALL EPP?


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