I am in my final year studying Industrial design at the Federal University of Technology,Akure.(somewhere in the West of Nigeria)I am a textile design major and a budding fashion designer.
For my final year project i would be preparing a collection of at least 10 looks.
Majorly for the sake of documentation and to literally tour people who are kinda at sea when they hear textile designing and those who out of ignorance pin the ‘tailor’ tag on fashion designing mindlessly through the beautiful and amazing world of textiles and fashion designing.Another reason is because i want to be very responsible with my execution of this project,its super dear to my heart!!,so having to report my progress to you reading this from start to finish would really help in putting me on my toes.
I would blog about the entirety of this journey from scratch to finish.From theme,mood board,sketches,patterns,textile design techniques,fabrics and their purchase,sewing the toiles,sewing the final pieces,the photoshoot,the look book,my exhibition and any other piece that would aid this jig saw become “peeshor parfet”.
I’ll still be making videos (yaay!!!we taking them risks yeah*winks*) and upload them here and hopefully on my youtube channel(oh yes,i finally have a platform to display my craze for all the right reasons.)to help make this journey as relatable as possible.
I am super excited and of course very scared all the same but hey…who isn’t?IThat ain’t stopping me,yo better belee that!!!
Feel free to drop your comments(constructive ones oo) that would enable a learning environment for all of us.Abeg i no wan quorell*smiles* and hey i am open to corrections and advise or better ideas for the collections.
So without further ado,lerrus get this parry started!!!😎

This is my real face,in case you don't know

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