Was Jesus blind?aka What do you want me to do for you?

Let thy imaginations run wild.I may not make sense to the sane mind,so please ‘wilden'(did i just create a word?) your mind for this piece to see the picture i am painting.
Have you ever wondered why we have to come through parents into this world?Why can’t someone just exist,probably drop from the sky like a meteor or be ‘abracadabra’ed into existence and just go through the rigours of life without parents?
A career i think Jesus would have thrived perfectly well in is stand up comedy.
He has a sense of humour,he is very spontaneous and is super super sarcastic.Let me explain…
There are two blind men.They are very well established,trained *lols* and well known blind men.Almost everyone knows them.
They find out what Jesus was coming around their locale and they are psyched!Finally a solution to their problem.One on one with Jesus and he asked the blind men the ‘jamb’est of questions.what do you want me to do for you?really!!!Was Jesus blind?
I was in a heated argument(yes i argue for Asia and Europe sometimes,don’t judge!!!i know you do also*shrugs*) with some folks in my area and as usual in arguments,we dabbled into different topics sharing opinions and then we started talking about football formations.Two guys then said something that 80 percent of the guys there(me inclusive) disagreed with.Regardless the dearth in their number,they were adamant.They were too sure of their claims and it was baffling to say the least.
They claimed that the no 10 in a football formation was the attacking midfielder that played behind the no 9 and the no 8 was the deep lying midfield that ochestrated the midfield alongside the no 4.
To 80 percent of us this claim was wronger than wrong itself and could not be true!!!
I have said plenty…let me pause a bit and allow these sink in and give you time to chew on them.
What do these 3 stories have in common?
To be continued


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