Diego costa aka necessary evils

Flash back piece:21,september 2015
Over forty minutes into the game and Wenger’s tactic was working the treat.Chelsea enjoyed long spells of possession but rarely threatened cech’s goal.Arsenal just needed to grow into the game,find that one chance when the chelsea defence napped and sneak in a goal.
That’s how the script was supposed to go-according to the rules,fair,as Wenger expected-but life is never fair is it?(why should life even be described along the lines of fair sef?Life is life!).
The goal wasn’t forthcoming and Mourinho’s men decided to think outside the box.They decided to take the battle to the minds of their opponents.The plan was to distract Arsenal from their gameplan,toil with their emotions and give the killer blow from then on.
Enter Diego Costa,Mourinho’s main striker and weapon of mind destruction.Gabriel naively fell for his antics and was sent off in a gifi.1 man down,advantage chelsea,game over.
After the game,Wenger complained bitterly about how wrong and ‘unfair’ the referee was to leave the villian loose without a lease.Pure case of medicine after death.
Arsenal simply lost sight of why they where at stamford brigde and literally gifted chelsea the win.
-Moral lesson-
Never lose sight of your WHY no matter the number of COSTA’S that come your way.COSTA’S are a necessary evil.COSTA’S distract.COSTA’S destroy.
By no means let COSTA leave you crying a river of had-i-knowns over spilt milk.
You are possible!!!


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