Of Fishes and ponds aka Polish goal delight

Flashback piece originally written february 9 2015
Sitting in the dugout during last night’s champions league match at the Shaktar Donesk’s stadium clad in a black tracksuit and a blanket covering his legs from the chilly weather in Ukraine wearing a frustrated demeanour was Robert Lewandowski.
Yes,i know the name holds little water nowadays but there was a time-not very far of,when the sound of that name trickled fear and unrest down the spine of defences(realmadrid vs dortmund,anybody??).When he was arguably the best No 9 in the world.
He was the cream of the crop of Jurgen Klopp’s German juggernaut that until their unprecedented nosedive into the relegation waters of the bundesliga this season,were the perfect ROBINHOOD of football.Short in financial power but stealing the shine and glory from the financially robust elite clubs and writing their name in the annals of history.
With his delicate touches,incredible link up play,razor sharp finishing and fantastic air prowess,Lewy had it all going for him at the Signal Iduna park.He had become a BIG FISH in a SMALL POND that was at that time Borrusia Dortmund.
And as happens to any BIG FISH,popularity skyrockets and the BIG PONDS now want you.This tinges into your subconscious and you now yearn and hunger for something BIGGER:
This is not wrong as it were.
But here’s the twist,the only issue with this fish-pond conundrum is that it works out fine on mostly on paper because in reality,its a different kettle of fish.
Before you change PONDS,it is wise you consider what kind of FISH you are and the conditions you thrive best in and the nature of the POND you are relocating to.Truth be said,no matter how big a TILAPIA is,it cannot thrive in a pond of SHARKS.It would only at best become a victim of circumstance.
Team Lewandowski obviously did not put these into consideration when they were working out his transfer to Bayern Munich.
Regardless how good Lewandowski is,his style of play,abilities and strength would only be shrouded in Guardiola’s Bayern Munich.Little wonder he is struggling to hit the same heights he hit when he doned the yellow and black of Dortmund.
Allow me point your attention to key lessons you could find handy from all i’ve said;
-You are a BIG FISH in your own right.You just have to find your POND.
-In the pursuit of bigger and greater things in your FISHness,
understand you,know your strengths and where and how best you thrive and go only where this is accentuated,given the allowance to be expressed and not cloaked and relegated to the background.

Robert Lewan’goal’ski


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