Warped opinions aka wefts that warp


Flashback piece originally written November 26 2014 a year or so after his free transfer from Man U to Juventus.
His name,Paul Labile Pogba.French with Guinean descent.Central midfield player for Juventus FC.Quite tall-sorta like a basketballer and as messi is to maradona in terms of skills,ability,style of play,so is Pogba to Viera.He is one of the most promising talents in modern football.Won the Golden boy award in 2013,he also made it into the 2014 ballon d’or shortlist.At just 21,the world for this young man,is his oyster.
Looking back,it wasn’t all rosy for him.He struggled for playing time back at Manchester United.3 matches in 3 years says it all!!Now please get my point.Paul was as extremely talented as as he is now,back then.The only issue was Ferguson’s OPINION about him.In Fergie’s mind,’this lad was not just good enough for the first team’.On face value,the opinion is DIVINE,coming for fergie!Its quite ironical though because Tom Cleverly and Danny Welbeck were both ‘good enough’ for fergie’s team.Fast forward 4 years and the gulf between Pobga and both these players couldn’t be wider.talk about the stone the builders rejected!lols!!Fergie couldn’t be ‘wronger’.
Opinions literally carry the DNA of him/her that has it.It is WARPED between WEFTS of personal bias,principles,paradigms,and perspective.It doesn’t make it RIGHT.As Humans,we are hard wired to base our lives on the opinion of others.This is not wrong as it were-no one’s actually an island but it becomes problematic when it is taken to the extreme and you strip yourself of you.
Never,i mean never ever base your life on the WARPED OPINIONS of other people.It just like a rocking chair leads you nowhere.
Believe just what God says about you what is peculiar to you and stay true to that truth.


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