Why i hated Mathematics aka ‘You know nothing John Snow’

Please don’t bother cracking your brain the business Game of thrones has with why i disliked mathematics.Longgg story people.
I digress
I never liked mathematics.This truth cements my status as a grade 1 hypocrite because i THRIVED in mathematics class all through till i stopped doing maths in uni.And boy i did thrive,most people i was classmates with would maybe still call me a math guru till today.(i worked 200% percent on my math sums because to survive i needed to get good grades regardless my dislike).
Pause and let that lesson sink in…
Sometimes to survive,comfort is a luxury you cannot afford.You just have to do what you’ve got to do.Your feelings are your worst enemy in this case.
I digress again
You see,why i disliked maths was the way it was taught and how we were judged as  a JON SNOW on the most shallow perimeters as a result of this.
You were a smart ass if you were the first to solve the math problem.Those of us that took a longer time to process numbers in our brains and in turn understand were labelled ‘not smart’.
The exams were timed too and this of course favoured the “smart ones” and their “smartness” grew in leaps and bounds…
What if a longer time was given to tackle math problems during classes and examinations and your speed of understanding was inconsequential as opposed to your actual understanding.
It would really be accomodating for many.A breath of fresh air i should add.
We are all built differently with strengths and weaknesses.The swift manner at which i assimilate words is a far cry from how i assimilate numbers.I sometimes have to count my change twice so i won’t be confused and still till today count with my fingers.I understand this and consciously work extra hard to make up for this seeming weakness.None of this makes me dumb or unintelligent or John Snow,it just makes me ME!!
So break out of that pity party of yours giving your flaws impetus.
These days i like mathematics but at my pace and how i best understand it because whether it takes me 40 minutes or 4 minutes to understand 2+2 is irrelevant,what is relevant is i actually arrive at the answer 4.


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