Final Year Project aka The prelude

In my usual ‘rebellious’ self,last year i chose not to do my Industrial Training just anywhere,I rather followed my heart and did my internship at Ejiro Amos Tafiri(an eponymous design label)in Lagos(the rest of this story will be for another time).
With the wealth of experience gained there as a budding fashion designer coupled with my training as a textile design major in uni,my final year project was a no brainer.I was going to fuse both my elements in textiles and fashion to create a fashion collection.
The first hurdle was fear.
Fear that i was inadequate.fear that i didn’t know enough,fear that the idea was too big for me.
I stuck to my guns regardless and started taking leaps of faith.
I started downloading video tutorials on all things fashion from pattern making to illustrations,to graphic illustrations,to sewing.I started reading fashion blogs voraciously,i literally slept and woke up on instagram feeding my eyes,feeding my passion and learning new stuff.I started making friends who had similar passions and were very much better than i was,i bought books on pattern drafting,e books on illustration and i got myself a sewing machine.
I was adamant,i was relentless,i refused to take no for an answer.This was my dream,my reality and it definitely would materialise.
The second hurdle i had to jump was my project supervisor.My idea was new,as fashion was not really explored fully in my department aforetime chances that he would be a killjoy was high.I was unfazed though and i got a go ahead for my project after much prayers and persuasion.
The ball was now in my court.
First thing i did was pray for guidance and inspiration from God.Then i sought advice from my friends who were designers with loads of experience.I am no island and am a firm believer in leveraging on people for my growth and success.
This whole journey would entail;
.The theme/story behind the collection
.Mood board/inspiration
.fabric selections
.sewing the toile(mock fabrics)
.treating the main collection fabrics to different indigenous textile techniques(tie dye,batik,hand woven fabrics etc
.sewing the different looks.
.fitting on the models
And i would be adding a few suprises thatbi won’t be listing so you would actually be suprised*winks*
I would be blogging about these processes from time to time.
I would make it as explanatory and as real as i can.0%percent forming.It would be as relatable as possible.
Brace yourself people and i hope you have a great time cos i sure would.
Ciao!!! Until the next time…

Then my theme popped up in my head while i was asleep at a friends one night like that.


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