Dimitri Payet aka the elevator pitch


‘the place of performance is not a place where you prepare’
            -stannis baratheon
If you were an otherworldly software developer cum programmer whose skill set and passion are northerners and are mindblowing(did you see what i just did here?) But like every other endeavour,you have to start from scratch to get to the highest echelons of your industry.Then serendipity smiles at you on a random day and you find yourself in an elevator with Mark Zuckerberg for 15 seconds,what would you say or show to make him buy into you?
Dimitri Payet just submitted his CV to the biggest guns in football yesternight in his man of the match performance against Romania.Deft touches,pin point set piece accuracy,slippery dribbling and with confidence oozing in 90 minutes,thats all he needed to bait them.He was world class yesterday even out playing the ‘so called poster boy of france’,hello Paul Pogba.
I am quite sure that he would leave West Ham come next season.
After having two amazing seasons in Marseille(he was the top assist player 2014/2015) and West Ham where he was easily,arguably their best player last season.
His undoubted talent and hardwork is finally getting the recognition it deserves.
Do not despise the days of your preparation.
Work,Work,Work,cry,fail,cry again,fail again…but prepare nevertheless because when the stage of performance comes,that is not the time to prepare.
I lied about the stannis baratheon quote.Stannis is just a character in Game of Thrones.I had to fix a name there instead of anonymous*grins*


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