The fashion alley aka Of the ideas that came,inspiration and sketches that became

Like i said in my previous post,i am a Textile design major in uni and a Fashion design tenderfoot.That implies i am marrying these two sides of me for this project.
For this post,i am in the Fashion alley
For every collection,a designer is inspired by almost anything.I mean anything.Could be a song,a person,a period in history,nature,noise,the downward spiral of the naira,ronaldo’s free kick,the colour of burnt rice…Anything!!!
From this inspiration,he starts fine tuning ideas and creates gets a theme.Sorta like the backdrop of the collection.For the sake of order and documenting the ideas following a consistent thread,a mood board is created.
Then sketches starts flowing.He literally sketches away,anything that comes to mind that falls within the borders of the theme.
After the sketch marathon,he(and probably alongside a design team), now narrow down the collection to what is and not needed for that collection.So 50 sketches could now become 25 sketches.
I digress
I knew what i wanted to do but didn’t know how to start.I guess i was waiting for a spark,an eureka moment that would propel me to start work.Silly me!!
To help my heart i decided to buzz two of my close friends  for advice who coincidentally,are fashion design tenderfoots like i am.Gbemisola Scott’s and Titi Macauly’s(this is of course are their names of their brand names,DUH!) advice and counsel went a long way.I was driven and motivated to start work after those calls(love you two to the solar system and beyond).And i did start.
Started documenting every single idea that popped up in my head,every thing that engaged my attention.Nothing was irrelevant.
Instagram,countless magazines, and blogs were bae for me.
And as time went on,i started getting clarity.The sketches started to flow too…


The magic happens in the clutter aka my work table

I sketched every and anywhere,in class,in my room,in my dream(eez nor a jokin sturv),in church.Coincidentally,most of the sketches that made the cut fir the collection were done in church during services…
I made like 30 sketches and narrowed it down to 10 for the collection.
What inspired me
.queen elizabeth’s persona and her wardrobe
.pile of sticks
.Tarma Marzuki’s blog and style
.indegenous Nigerian looks;yoruba buba and wrapper,the hausa agbada,the yoruba danshiki,the urhobo male long sleeve(‘good luck jonathan’shirt)
.Mae Otiti’s lovely collection


Pebbles on sand


Pretty pebbles


Wazobia love


Tarmar Marzuki’s androgynous style


Who doesn’t love an iro and buba?

Indegenous Nigerian looks laced subtely with an urban,contemporary feel.Androge ous and somewhat tomboyish but worn femininely for the 21st century millenial African woman that is very close to her roots who is very safe and traditional yet risque and outlandish with her style.
In my next post,i’ll fill you in with what my mood board looks like and subsequent steps…
Till next time people,ciao!


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