At this point in my life,I have started to learn to treasure relationships as much as I treasure myself.I don’t have too many friends,the few I have ehn,I treasure and value them like madt!

Dar wan is gist for another time,back to the issue on ground,

After the sketches (will put up the sketches some other time,short on  internet data presently to upload multiple pictures)had been ready,Ideally,I needed to draft the patterns for each piece to help with cutting the fabrics.I first got to know about pattern drafting during my times surfing the net about all things fashion during the first semester of my third year in uni.During my internship at Ejiro Amos Tafiri,I literally met with it and had to start learn pattern drafting as quick as I could because every piece produced at the company was cut following drafted patterns down to the most simple chiffon blouse sef.Thanks to Gbemi Scott,my buddie and design mentor,who was as intern along with me then,I got to get personal lessons to help me seamlessly learn and understand all the pattern drafting gibberish I was bombarded with on a daily at work.

Truthfully after my internship,I had grabbed as much as I could about Pattern Drafting (which wasn’t much) but kinda dropped it as soon as I got to school majorly because my friends I was learning to sew and from back in school,cut directly on the fabric,pattern drafting in their books was a word that never existed.So my books on patterns were shelved.

For the collection,I planned on skipping this part and just cut the styles directly.I was scared of even daring to draft a single pattern but then LAUTECH went on strike and an angel came to my rescue.Before I continue on my angel and the rescue,allow me shed light a bit on Pattern Drafting.

Patterns are simply like templates of the styles that are to be sewn done on paper.Patterns are done tons and tons of principles and methods so as to reduce error when you are cutting on the fabric and to help when one is sewing bulk fabrics to combat monotony.Another major advantage of patterns is that with patterns,whatever style however novel or complex they are,one can manipulate the pattern to create that style.

Titi and i drafting simultaenously(forgive the image quality)

It in a way aids the outlandishness of a fashion designer’s sketches.

How was I going to draft patterns for 9 looks?.I could barely make for one.

LAUTECH (Ladoke Akintola University of Technology,Ogbomosho) thankfully went on strike and my friend Titi Macauly was in town.She buzzed me and we fixed a day we would see and catch up,it has been quite a while we spoke.

She came around to see me in school,in our studio(which had turned to my second home*lols*) and we spoke about everything.Then I pitched my project to her,the sketches and the plans I had set in place.Long story short,the fear I had about drafting my patterns had been settled.Titi was a guru already(she had been practicing as hell) and she offered to help with my project.


                 cutting a  shift  dress using  using a dress pattern i drafted*smiles*

We had 3 day pattern marathon and drafted the patterns for almost 80% of the collection and boy was I super excited.I had not just conquered a mountain in my project,I had also killed the demon in my head that was scaring me about drafting patterns ab inicio.

Until next time people,




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