In my Factory aka what mistakes do for you

After i had my fabrics ready,the next step was to sew.

That word scared the lights out of me because,truthfully i was not so great at sewing.I was still learning on a lot of levels.I wanted this project to come out well and bad sewing or a hand that makes multiple mistakes with the limited fabrics available was not a good omen.

‘what’s the worst case scenario anyway?’ i asked myself one fateful day.If i starved my fear and sew this pieces myself albeit with multiple errors,i would be better for it.I decided to sew them myself equipped with faith,a heart  that was ready to quiz tope(my classmate who was a great tailor),google and youtube videos.

I took my mattress in my bedroom away and made my  sewing machine the focal point of my room.It was no longer my room,it was my factory.For close to a month,I  was at my factory during the day and went to the studio at  night to compile my dissertation(a very stressful ordeal i should add.I coped all the same.)

Halfway into sewing the collection,my dear Titi macauly came through to  help with fittings and general critique which came in very handy.


In my factory




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