My new love for waistcoats aka corporate in a stylish way

I personally do not count myself as a very formal dresser.Growing up I just assumed that those who dressed up wearing suits and ties were too serious,uptight and lacked fun in their lives.I never wanted that.

As I have come to realise and learn,dressing formal doesn’t murder the fun in your life and it is to be imbibed especially when life becomes serious for you.You do not expect to be granted audience in a job interview with your Nike sneakers,jeans and tee on fleek.You most likely look fly but ‘you ain’t getting the job papi’.

These days dressing formally is an art performed and perfected everyday by uber stylish men around the world and yes they make formal desirable.

I recently have fallen in love with waist coats or ‘monkey jackets’ as they are sometimes called.Mainly because it is not as bulky and stressful to pull of as a suit(hehe,please don’t judge) and because they are easy to wear and are super duper stylish.

I had a dinner to attend in school some months back and my suit was not just an option.I wanted new,I wanted different,I wanted stylish.I quickly dashed to the fabric market and got fabric,googled a picture of a really nice waist coat and in no time I had cut the jacket pattern.I sewed away and in like 3 hours,viola!!
That night at the dinner,I looked amazing(a boy is allowed to feel himself*insert smile*).I passed for looking corporate but I equally stood out and looked very stylish.I was very proud of myself.

I got a client that night and a month after,I was to make 2  jackets for him.
As I creative,I strive to stretch myself and my imagination.I had two ideas I needed to try with these jackets.
1.I wanted a jacket that was two in one.A jacket that could be worn inside out.One jacket that could be worn in two different ways.I set out to work and the results were “tres belle” (as a friend of mine would usually say).


For the first side,I simply used the lovely and colorful Ankara print that my grandma gifted me.This gives your look a pop of color and ‘African’ness if I may add.


For the second side,I used a personal design of mine.A print I did that was just a play on different polygons and had two of my favorite colors,Wine and grey.
This gives a subtle but very big statement to your look because for what its worth,you won’t find this print anywhere else in the world.

2.Have you seen the series,Blacklist? or does the name Raymond Reddington ring a bell? Anyways,a style staple for Mr Reddington are three piece suits of different colors. His waist coats are peculiar as they always have lapels on them.This stuck on me like glue and I wanted it.



For this jacket,I used an adire print that I recently did and added a lapel to the jacket. What speaks style more than a bespoke adire waist coat with a lapel?

I am really loving these jackets and I am so glad I took these risks while producing them.There would definitely be more jackets where those came from.
And I just hope the client is as excited as I am about the jackets.


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