‘I don’t  want my best dressed days to be in the coffin’
That line in Jidenna’s Long Live the Chief, which is a great song by the way, caught me like a flu and it kinda influenced this letter.
Dear Fabian, Oselu, Ian, Lhou or whatever you call yourself! *insert smile*,
First of all, I hope that as you grow older, you will reduce the way you name, unname and rename yourself. You are growing into a global force and you don’t  want your fans,clients,followers et al to get all tangled in your epileptic nomenclature  changes and shii… *lols*

Life has started  for you now and it is more than necessary  that you begin to make critical  choices for your  life. Begin to choose yourself. Don’t  just float through time. I know you could be lazy sometimes and unmotivated more often than not, that’s actually  why it’s  a matter of choice,you have to learn to CHOOSE YOURSELF.
Start somewhat on a clean slate. Ready to LEARN, UNLEARN AND RELEARN. Don’t  be a sound smart who speaks more than he listens. You are just started ,there is still so much for you to learn.
You want to build a big brick wall about, started setting your bricks one brick at a time.
You know there  is more to the creative industry than just buzzing with ideas and just creating new shii. It is dog eat dog out there papi, it is war out there.So it would be a disaster if you are creative who is abso’damn’lutely  naiive.Stay humble and learn the ropes from the best. You should be a business mogul alongside being a creative principality. Learn learn ,learn and learn more
Don’t  be scared of fluffing your lines. Fluff them, correct  yourself and be better for it.
Remember  God. He has brought you this  far and only with him can you arrive at your destination. He should be your best friend.Carry your every burden to him. He more than cares for you.
You could get busy with work, or whatever excuse you could come up with, but NEVER FORSAKE  HIM.TAKE HIM EVERYWHERE WITH YOU.
Remember to pray hard as much as you work hard,spend time consuming His word and applying His wisdom in your day to day activities and do not forget to find a place where you can worship and grow along  with born again Christians like yourself.
And still on who you surround yourself with,please choose your friends wisely and with all wisdom.Surround yourself with amazing people who would propel you to be and do better…
Do not let the success of someone else make you envious or jealous. It is the height of childishness and would only distract you from your own focus.Celebrate people and support the dreams of others as much you can buy be focused on your own race.That is primary for you!!
Do not strive for fame,glamour or a billion followers on Instagram or Snapchat.As much as that is fanttastic,it should not be the center of your life.Live for more.Not just to be a star (which you will be) but be committed to being a light that will create and foster change.
Leave a legacy,build an empire in fact build a constellation where there would be other stars like you.
Life life to the fullest and enjoy yourself while you are at it and choose a smile over frowns all the time.
Leave life empty and remember you only live once. and ‘do not let your best dressed days to be in the coffin’.
                  Yours Truly,
              Your voice of reason.



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