The Okada ride that inspired me aka The ones we fail to notice

I have resumed work somewhere in Lagos with a designer I admire sooo much(yaaay!!!lucky me).That also connotes a lot of work and responsibility on my part.
So some of my posts going forward would be tales of me as a JJC Lagosian.But I digress.
I was to go deliver some fabrics at Adire Lounge(you can look them up on IG @adirelounge),somewhere in Lekki,Ajah.I have been to Lekki phase 1 and Epe before so I expected Ajah to be just around the corner.
I was sooo wrong.Ajah was like another Lagos.Very big and was buzzing on all sides.Before I got to the market from Obalende,it took close to an hour if not more. No jokes.
I got down and needed to board an Okada to the estate.Another journey entirely.
Then I had an epiphany while on the Okada
The okada man saw a new ‘tokunbo’ bus and mused to himself aloud,’chai if I fit just get this bus now,aswear to God I go buy my land in the next 1 year and I go don build my house in 2 years time’.
This rattled me to my very core probably because most people (myself inclusive) tend to look at okada men as low lives who have no future ambition.But here was an Okada man that was aware of where he was now,less concerned of what it was and was cocksure of what his future held and already had concrete plans on how he would get there.
I was humbled and quickly encouraged him in my little way and prayed for him in my heart that God helps make his plans a reality.
This experience humbled me and taught me very critical lessons.Foresight and empathy.
Foresight that enables me to think,pray,plan and be sure about my tomorrow and which also allows me to place brick upon brick deligently today.
Empathy that helps you be grateful what you have and where you are and gives you eyes that strive to see through the eyes of people rather than looking down on them.
I had a very stressful journey going to and from Adire Lounge but the 20 minutes or thereabout that I spent with that Okada man made my day and I was more than grateful to have met him.


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