The Return of Textiles aka LFDW2016 aaka the future is now

Hey hey…
I am back from my unprecedented  hiatus or holiday or leave of absence(whichever fits). Really sorry for staying away for so long. Who knew getting a real job could eat so much into my personal time *giggles*.
I am adapting and learning to find the balance so I could keep buzzing and creating content for this blog which is very dear to me.(I am brimming  with so much ideas for this blog yeah).*winks*
but I digress,
The Henekein Lagos fashion and design week 2016 held last week and it was a huge success.It was lit, more designers showcased and it was way more co ordinated than last year’s especially  backstage with the models(thank God)  .And did I forget to mention that there were way more selfies,a lot of snap chat stories told or snapped(mehn, this our millennial generation  and evolving lingo wee nor keep sombodee),and a lot of cray look all in the name of ‘fashion’

Team EAT. Tucker x Gbemi Scott x Atinuke x Lhou

I was privileged to work backstage with Top Nigerian women’s wear designer, Ejiro Amos Tafiri and it was worth my while. Our showcase was a huge success and we have the whole team and God to thank for their every effort.

The CEO herself going for her bow

One major take away from this years event was the fact that there was a lot of emphasis on the fabrics and the designs on them than the actual designs of the looks. There was a lot of Ankara on display, Vlisco did an amazing job using their print fabrics, Aso oke’s on fleek, fabric paintings, and a lot of really pretty and jaw dropping adire pieces.
This is very special and means a lot to me as a creative in this industry .I learnt one truth, the textile industry is gradually experiencing  a Renaissance in Nigeria and it would sure grow in leaps and bounds going forward.
I AM MORE THAN EXCITED. This has been a long time coming.

Dont you just love the prints?

Over the next posts, I would be blogging about my thoughts on collections from different designers during the show BUT in a different  way. Not like in your regular fashion blogs where all you see and read is how amazing this style is and how nice and creative that hemline is and how low the neckline of that dress is and so on. There would be some of that though, I am a fashion designer for Pete’s sake!!!The crux of the posts would be to give a voice to the fabrics themselves.The designs on them,their colors,their quirks and peculiarities.
For what’s its worth,the fabrics are the Stars of whatever look or piece you see on any run way or on any body…
Let me just stop there before I start ranting non-stop on why textiles are important.That should be for another time.
Hasta la vista!


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