‘Lisa Folawiyo’ aka More is more

Few that really know me know how much I love prints like cray.It is probably a ‘by force’ by product that comes with studying Textiles in Uni.
There is this somewhat orgasmic (i finally used the word.Been looking for a sentence it would fit into*winks*) feeling I get  about prints that words would not suffice to explain.
This was exactly how I felt when I first saw the runway pictures of ‘Lisa Folawiyo’s’ collection she showcased at LFDW ’16.
For starters the prints were very colorful and were combined so well almost to perfection.
Lemmi pause on the fabrics a bit…
The collection consisted of fitted and structured pieces that had defined and structured lines and cuts with a few loose and fluid looks.It was a buffet of unequal hemlines in skirts and dresses alike,bow tied cuffs,ruffles,sequined laces,heavy Play on prints,different flavours of off-shoulder dresses and some straps or ribbons that added some level of oomph,introduce colour and peculiar pizzaz to the looks as they were left to dance to the tune of the air.
The looks were quirky yet safe,hugely playful yet serious and I couldn’t help but notice the subtle play on corporate looks with my personal favorite being the off shoulder dress with  unequal hemlines and lapels.
Looking closely at the prints,one may think there are up to 6-7 different prints but in all truth,there are just 3 major prints that are played with so well(big ups to bankekuku textiles(looking forward  to working with them*winks*).
The first motif is simply a heart shape somewhat distorted whose color is changed as background also changes in the different prints that is repeated side by side.
There is a second one that appears just 2 times or 3 if I am not mistaken in the collection.Its motif is like a star with four sides that are joined side by side with what looks like a pillar at their middle,repeated  to give a really nice print.
The third motif is scantier than the first  two patterns.It is just like cotton bolls that are arranged randomly with minor elements in the background .This pattern leans more into floral than abstract.I prefer this motif and print so well and the cool and calm colors used struck cords in me literally.
Lisa did  risky combos with her print fabrics and how she layered them ticked all the right boxes for me.This was a collection that further accentuated the truth that the fabric is the star even before the style sewn and  the simple fact that more is more.Go figure!!
Some of my fav looks from the collection are after the cut.

The more the merrier
Let the print do the talking
Of meshes and cold shoulders
Above print level
Yellow trails
Unseriously corporate
Layers on layers.

Until next time…
STAY ‘loose’!!



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