Surface pattern/prints aka the keke inspo week

Had a very grueling week.Brain drain,physical drain and emotionally I have had my fair share of jabs.
Real life is sure giving me its fair share of lessons.I am learning by the day,however hard it may seem.
Work eats into the entirety of my days but because the goals I have are higher than my feelings,I still have to put in the work as an “intrapreneur”.
We growing a brand on a low(a brand is more than a logo *winks*),creating a niche and a reputation and a presence both online and offline.
This week I worked on  a couple of  surface designs inspired by keke Marwas.(I am still all about them kekes yeah).
Here are the doodles I made in my journal;

Please you will have to bend your head a bit to see the picture

The designs that emerged at first were very ugly and I won’t show you them.*lols*
It started making sense from the third and fourth design. I went on to do two more using the motifs.
The first print was pretty structured and looked very ‘mature’.Like something that would be used for interior design.I liked the outcome as it also reminded me of the dog tooth motif too

Beige and structured

The second one was influenced by a print I saw on a  DEAT Ejiro Amos Tafiri top Bolanle Olukanni wore on for an episode of MOMENTS. The print minimalist and scare but very mature.

Less does it sometimes

The last and final one was pretty much rushed and random. I can really say what inspired it.It sha emerged after like 1 hour.


In all I loved how these came out and I look forward to creating more new stuff and sharing it with the world.
See more of my works on Instagram
Lots of love


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