My week was Methuselah aka seek progress not perfection

Hello everyone
Let me start by saying thank you to YOU.Yes you reading this post like now now.Thank you for always clicking on my links and finding time to read my posts.YOU are the reason I keep creating content even on days when I don’t feel like it or when I feel like not blogging entirely(yesso,there are those days o*smiles*)
I truly truly appreciate YOU
This past week was long.Like the Methuselah of weeks.It felt more like a month than a week.I think it was majorly because I worked on a lot of projects this week or maybe because this week,our creative director gave me hell on the projects she assigned me.She marked my every move and criticized me to stupor(I am grateful to be drilled anyway.Gold goes through fire to be gold).
I sooo looked forward to the weekend because I needed to get me some sleep.
I embarked on two projects this week.I will talk about the first one and keep the other one on a low key(for the mean time).*winks*
I have been have having a great time growing as a creative,especially as a textile designer.It is a really humbling,and revelational experience for me finding my feet and my voice in a truly crowded industry.
For the spring/summer 2016 collection, ejiroamostafiri(where I work) played a lot with Adire in most of their pieces and I am grateful to be a part of the success of that collection.
And as precedes the showcase of any collection,orders begin to flow in for bespoke identical of choice pieces from the collection.
A customer made an order for a piece from the collection.

This was the piece that was ordered

This piece was ordered and my boss was about to push a call to the company that did the Adire for her,when I overheard and summoned the courage to tell her that I could actually do whatever the company could do and she should just give me 2 days to work on a sample.
She was like ‘err…OK,let’s give you a try,Fabian’.
I set out to work and did 4 different samples.
The d day came and she saw what I did and hell broke loose.She wasn’t impressed.She was disappointed.
I was also because I had put a lot into those samples.I asked her that she gives me a second chance.
She did
And I disappointed again,she wasn’t impressed again because I had mishandled the lace fabric for the second time.
She complained and criticized and corrected me at the same time and I listened carefully to the corrections and took mental notes.
At this point,I was broken because I had fluffed my lines twice already.
But hey ‘who is counting.I’ll just keep trying until it clicks’ was what I told myself.
I asked for a third chance, and she reluctantly did.
This time I was more careful and applied lessons from the corrections she had given me and from previous errors.
Some of the lessons I learnt,
-when dyeing laces or any fabric with a lot of holes or pores say chiffon,it is advisable that they are dyed dried.No need to wet before dipping in dye.This reduces their retention capacity.
And when mixing the dye,add a little water and a lot of the chemicals especially the dye and hydrosulphite.
When this is done the colors look rich and really beautiful.
I put this into practice and of course the fabric came out really beautiful and she for sure loved it.

The third trial that came through amazing
The second trial that looked OK
Work selfie*lols*
Yes i'll work and i dab!!!!
Dyes,tubs and fabric

After the third trial,she loved the outcome and she gave me some more fabric and clothes that I should work on.
And something profound happened.
The fabrics I had earlier worked on,she plans on using them to make tops that would be put on sale.
She actually liked them,but she wanted to push me to reach from within and give my all because she knew I had more!
If I had given up and picked offence,imagine what would have happened.
I wouldn’t have improved,
I would have lost her trust in my abilities as a creative,
And I would have lost the opportunity to create textile products for a global fashion brand.
Keep doing.Don’t ever stop.You do not have to be perfect.Just keep making progress while you do,that’s all that counts.
Hopefully when the customer rocks the piece,I would definitely let you in on it.
Until next time,
Stay loose!!


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