Its all in your SOKOTO

I tend not to give thanks a lot.

It just happens.

Its not as though its a pre planned vain and selfish attempt at ungratefulness.Time is fast fleeting and I loose track.

I think we all as humans tend not to be as grateful as we should be.

We just prefer to see life through the eyes of our inadequacies,what we do not have,what we can’t have,what we will soon have,the list goes on instead of just seeing what we do have,how far we’ve come and just be thankful like that.

We prefer to chase. Chasing happiness in sokoto when happiness is actually in our ‘sokoto’.

So very thankful

So this post is me being thankful and grateful for all I have got in my sokoto and how far I have come.

Looking back say 4,5 years I have got every reason to say thanks.

I have gone from the young 18 year old who just cared about graduating as an A student and playing football to a young man that is as WOKE as he can ever be about his life and his contributions in this side of eternity.

Happy and grateful!!!

From a boy that was addicted to just reading and every other sport website available because it just fed my passion for football and it improved my vocabulary,to a young man who can confidently say he is a writer and creates content across different platforms personally and for different startups and or companies.

From a boy who was just good in drawing classes and had his way in 3Dimensional design classes oblivious of how useful these were to a young man who has found a path that he is ready to fail a million times in.

I could go on and on.


Time really flies mahn!!!

Then 2017…

I am grateful for this year so far.I have been on trips around Nigeria so much so,I have lost count.I have meandered successfully through a lot of hurdles that NYSC thankfully brought my way and I am still in one piece.

Cut it! Cut it!! Cut it!!!

For these and many many more,I say a huge ‘thank you’ to God and to pick a leaf from Mark Zuckerberg’s amazing  Harvard speech,’I pray that I find the courage (going forward)to make my life a blessing’.

What are you thankful for?


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