Why you should trust other colors that are not black aka you too can color block

For a long time I had a very flourishing relationship with black.I mean who wouldn’t?

The default color that was not just fool proof,it is fail proof,’fuck up proof'(allow small French abeg), and even ’embarrass your ancestors’ proof.

I mean,i could never go wrong with black.

Another reason why I loved black was(and please you can judge me if you want),because it hardly made stains as visible as other colors would. I could rock my black pant and just dust it with a wet rag and  or brush when it needed small shining and I was good to go.

I had trust issues with other colors.

I know a lot of you do too.

As I grew and got more exposed and started learning about colors more,I started to appreciate colors more,and as the relationship grew,trust grew.

With picking my outfits these  days,I am more adventurous and open minded about my choices.

I experiment a lot and it is so much fun seeing the possibilities that lie outside the safety of black and white.

Before we delve into the color blocking ‘prapa’,

Let’s talk about the COLOUR WHEEL because with it we can properly discuss the art of matching colours on pretty amazing ways and get your colour blocking game on fleek when you pick your outfits next time.
Almost all of us should know the primary colours right? Err I suppose…

So the primary colours are YELLOW,BLUE AND RED.These are the colours that form the basis upon which other colours are formed.

So visualise a clock and simply put these three colours on the points where 12,8and 4 are.

Then mix two each to form 3 tertiary colours.




Green enters the position for 10

Orange enters the position for 2

Purple enters the position for 6

Then when you mix  more yellow to orange(12+2),it gives you a very light shade of orange that we can call YELLOWISH ORANGE this simply falls into the position for 1.

Then when you mix orange and red (2+4),and it gives you a pretty darker shade of red that we can call RESDDISH ORANGE and this falls as 3 on the clock.

Then mix 4 and 6(red and purple),you get violet,5(a reddish shade of purple) and mix blue and purple (8,6), and you get bluish purple which we can call indigo.This falls into 7 on the clock.

Then mix 8 and 10(blue and green) you get teal(a kind of bluish green),it falls into 9 on the clock.Then mix yellow and green (12& 10) and you get a Yellowish  Green and this falls into 11 on the clock

For clarity 

The color wheel illustration


1-yellowish orange


3-reddish orange


5-reddish purple(violet)


7-Blueish purple(indigo)


9-teal(blueish green)


11-yellowish green.

I broke this color wheel to a clock.This makes it very relatable and easy to remember.

Allow this sink in.

I will continue this series in subsequent posts.


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