How i started my personal textile design studio 

I finished from uni around September last year and I was quite fortunate to almost get a job almost instantly.

I interned roughly a year earlier with Nigerian luxury womenswear brand,EJIRO AMOS TAFIRI(which was an amazing time that I intend to blog about sometime later).

I got a call back thankfully by the creative director.It was a no brainer for me.I didn’t intend to sit home idle doing nothing after the stress and hassle of school.

I resumed work in the 24 hour non stop tick tock ‘hussla’ life in Lagos.It was pretty overwhelming and super stressful but I loved every bit of it because every day was like a day in class for me.

Okay hold up a bit.

Let me back track a bit to put things in perspective.

I finished from uni where I studied Industrial Design and I majored in Textiles meaning I have had a solid 3 year experience learning about textiles and its cousins(read:what it entails).

I majored in my third year after the general two years learning generally about design.I picked an early interest in fashion majorly because it stretched my imagination and my creative nous so while in class,I was more often than not a fashion student studying textiles.

I think this helped me grow and gain confidence in what I knew and what I could do.I self taught myself Fashion Illustration and I learnt how to sew during this time and generally oogled on all things fashion and literally became a fashion maven of some sort.

This came in handy when I took the plunge and went straight into the fashion industry and it gave me a voice, however it small it seemed at that time.

Quite simultaneously, I was learning a thing or two about textiles.

Two things that piqued my interest and that I was quite good at were Adire (traditional fabric design texhnique)and batik,prints,patterns and surface designs.

Me and my lemon desk in my studio

So on graduating,I was still a bit hazy on what I truly wanted to pour myself into.

I spent a little bit over 3 months at the job at Ejiro Amos Tafiri at it gave me a chance to save cash and thankfully  have an epiphany that I definitely needed.

The more I worked in fashion,the more I just knew what I wanted,what I didn’t want and what I should pour myself into.

I loved and still is passionate fashion,but I still enjoy textiles and how it syncs with my strengths as a creative so I totally wanted to be more a textile designer that worked and influenced in the fashion industry.

All this were musings in my mind.Then I met Emmanuel Tucker Okolo,the creative director of a growing brand in Nigeria(i will talk about my journey with this amazing guy later)whom at that time was interning also while I worked.

We got talking about work much and it gave me a chance to get more clarity and it helped me want to grow my balls to confidently pursue a career in textiles.

There is a gap in the fabric industry   in the apparel,interior decor  and the textile design industry.There are more fashion designers and tailors compared to textile artists and designers who influence the look of the fabrics before they were constructed into clothes,we have a few designers that influence textiles(there are a few who are doing a great job by the way)

In an ideal society, where the indices of the apparel industry is well put together,the textile designer creates and influences before the fashion designer,the interior designer and so on starts to produce his/her pieces.

This is almost a novel path to tread in Nigeria creative space but its a risk worth taking you know.


You remember what they say about trusting your gut abi.

And in typical proactive fashion,when you can’t find platforms and systems you can fit in that would help nuture your creative nous,CREATE IT.

A lhousbunch studio bandana

These are literally the best times to be alive.Technology has levelled the playing field,anybody can grow influence.

This need,pretty much sums up how LHOUSBUNCH STUDIO became.

My own little space in the creative world.My personal textiles design studio where I have the creative freedom to create textile designs,patterns and art,influencing fabrics the best ways I can.

It is a platform to express,influence and most importantly,challenge myself to grow.

I officially started lhousbunch December last year and its been a pretty much steady growth.

We have had a couple of projects I have embarked on.I would be sharing past projects,ongoing and future projects here.

Am really excited about it yeah!

I hope you are also.


3 Replies to “How i started my personal textile design studio ”

  1. I am an Architect who’s been dreaming about textile design for as long as I can remember. I crush on people like the british Cath Kidson and her vintage patterns, I crush on illustrators even on food tv. Lol!

    It’s great to hear you talk about your passions and be so open and detailed about how you for into it. This is something I definitely want to pursue. Can we connect sometime?


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