Fabric sourcing  is a bitch!!

Yeah  I said it. 

Have you ever gone fabric shopping? 

If yes, you can relate with  what I just said.

If you’ve never gone fabric shopping, SWERVE!! 

and just continue reading. 

Before a cloth is made for a customer, choosing fabrics for the clothing item is arguably the most important  step. 

Choosing in terms of color, texture and design. It is always overlooked at times but the difference  between a great look and a ‘what the hell were you thinking ‘ look nay just be in the fabric. 

The fabric you choose to use to make your clothes play a key role to how well your clothe emerge. 

Fabric shopping is fun, sometimes.

So there was this one client that came to our studio(yes,i work for a designer)  that wanted a dress for her graduation dinner.She got her  design off instagram and this was how the dress looked. 

As a textile designer, I can easily tell that the dress was made with CREPE. 

But you know customers now, they will not want to let the tailor/designer be great, they would want to prove that they know too much. 

After  giving  her a price for production, she insisted it was way above her budget and would prefer to buy the fabric herself.

OK, be my guest, better for us. 

She went on to buy the fabric,or rather what she thought  was the fabric. She came back with SATIN fabric which is a great fabric by the way but is  different from CREPE and would not give the finish she so desires from the picture she brought. 

I don’t feel bad for her.

Not one bit. 

Fabric Sourcing  is really underrated but i daresay it’s an art that is developed. Fabric selection is what differentiates a great looking dress from a cheap looking ‘market woman’  look.
And fabric sourcing is as stressful  you can imagine. 

So let’s talk about CREPE. how it looks, feels and how it is different  from satin and any other fabric you know. 
Crepe is fabric of cotton origin  that is a combination of other fabrics like silk, viscose rayon and polyester  and is named after the French word for ‘crimped’. 

Crepe has a somewhat solid feel…

It is somewhat gauze like  and it is used mainly for clothing i.e  bridal gowns,dinner gowns and dresses. 

It has a coarse feel when touched especially  because of the polyester it contains .

It is a bit thicker than ordinary cotton  fabric and doesn’t have a smooth  sheen unlike satin. 

Crepe is as beautiful and colorful as they come

The drafting plan(how the wefts and warps are arranged)  gives it that coarse feel.

When squeezed,it doesn’t stay crimped,it bounces back to shape unlike pure cotton that stays crimped.

It is a great fabric  choice for structured looks and it is easy to iron. 

When made into an outfit,crepe arguably  gives a ethereal  feel in terms of structure and finesse. It is arguably,in my opinion, one the best fabrics for making gowns and evening  wears for women. 

Crepe comes in a wide variety  of plain solid colors and this makes it a go to source for countless buzzing for a designer. 

Crepe also comes in print.

Back to the ‘adamant’ customer who bought satin instead of crepe for her dinner. 

We made the cloth for her, though I just felt bad throughout  the process because this outfit would have looked better. It had potential.

But it’s pretty  much her cross to carry. *lols*

I do hope this comes handy for designers,tailors and and fashion enthusiasts  who love to give their tailors specifiications to the details. 

You would do yourself a lot of good when you make the right choice  of fabric. 


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