Almost around Nigeria in 365 days aka IM/16B/0911 aaka batch A stream 1

Yes that is my IMO state number, something  like the famous matric. Number  but this time for Corp members. 

Yes I am doing my service in eastern Nigeria.

No that is not my real number,i pretty much came up with it when I was writing  this. 

And no those four digits are not my ATM pin. 

Now those are out of the way, allow me talk about  how all of this started. 

And by all I mean my service year. 

It started  somewhere up north. 

OK,too much preamble… 

Lemme  cut to the chase. 

My vacation around Nigeria

I finished from Uni. unofficially last year sometime early September. I said unofficially  because the graduation  was this year and yours truly was a no show. 

Don’t ask me why. 

After graduation, the ‘natural’ thing  to do was to go for the famous Nysc (National Youth service Corp). 

As much as I would love to break down what this scheme entails, I won’t  because it’s very confusing to place your fingers on what it actually  is. It’s very confusing like that. 

And did you  notice I put natural within parentheses?

Don’t ask me why,for the second  time. 

*grins devilishly*

My plan for service year was to spend it working.I had that planned. 

I had gotten a job to work with a fashion designer in Lagos prior to my graduation so the plan  was quite straight forward. 

Get posted to Lagos and work here for the next year. 

Pretty simple eh…

I resumed working in earnest in October and Lagos was looking  great. I was doing what I love, having fun, socialising and making money too. 

What more could I ask for. 

I breezed mindlessly  through the Nysc registration putting  in Lagos as my first choice and 3 others states. I was hardly concerned about the other three. I was serving in Lagos and that was it. 

I was in Utopia.

Who wouldn’t? 

But in hindsight,i wish I put in more thought when I was decided on the states. But that is in the past. 

Then shit hit the fan and I had to make a decision  for my future. Considering  what I wanted and where I was going, I had to leave my job at the turn of the new year. 

My boss had keys.Major keys so Lagos was a sure thing  for me but with the new reality, I unintentionally  had hurt her feelings and I was at the risk  of her getting  back her pound of flesh. 

Pound of flesh she got.She pulled the plug on her connection  and I was left in limbo. 

I was unaware of this by the way 

So I waited  in earnest for my posting letter. 

I was confident. 

I had pictured Lagos day and night and how well I would maximise my time there. 

Then posting day came and with confidence  I asked my friend to help me check mine. 

I awaited  the call… 

Then it came


All I heard was GOMBE STATE!! 

“guy no dey joke with me like that na”

I quipped as my heart sank. 

He sent me the screen shot of the web page and he wasn’t  kidding. 

My 2017 was poised for Northern Nigeria.

I was broken is an understatement. My life played before my in unending loops like a broken tape. 




Someone  please wake me up. 
To be contd. 


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